Handy Man Services

Handy Man Services

Hygieneman Handyman Services is your go-to destination for comprehensive and reliable home repairs and maintenance.

With a team of skilled industry experts, we offer a wide range of services to cater to all your needs. Our commitment to professionalism and timely service sets us apart as your trusted partner in home improvement.

Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or any other household repair, we are your one-stop solution. Choose Hygieneman Handyman Services for peace of mind and a job well done.

Door Component Replacement Rates

Door Gate/Lock$300/lock
Door Handle/Knob Replacement$120/handle
Cabinet Hinge Replacement$80/hinge
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Drill, Patch & Paint Services Rates

Drill HolesFrom $15/hole
Patch Up Drill HolesFrom $25/hole
Painting Add-onFrom $250/wall
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Plumbing Services Rates

Clogged Toilet Bowl/Toilet Bowl Choke Clearing$130/toilet
Clogged Floor Trap/Drainage Pipe/Floor Trap Choke Clearing$130/unit
Water Discharge Rectification – New Siphon Replacement$150/toilet
Labor & Material To Repair Pipe Leakage$140/leak
Toilet/Flush System Supply & Replacement$150/toilet
Shower Set Replacement$150/shower
Kitchen Sink/Bathroom Tap/Basic Faucet Replacement$130/sink
Bottle Trap For Kitchen Sink Supply & Replacement$120/sink
Sink/Basin/Cistern Flexible Hose Replacement$120/sink
Toilet Bowl Set Supply & Installation$420/toilet
Basin Supply & Installation$250/basin
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Electrical Services Rates

Light Bulb Replacement$75/bulb
LED Light Installation/Replacement$90/unit
Downlight Installation/Replacement$85/unit
Light/Ceiling Light Installation/Replacement/Fitting$105/unit
Hanging/Deco Light Installation/Fitting$80/unit
Wall Fan Installation$65/unit
Power Socket Replacement$75/socket
Light Switch Replacement$210/switch
Dimmer Switch Point Supply/Installation$90/switch
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