Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Pricing Rates (2 workers)
$150 per Hour

We take care of your grass to keep it green and make sure your plants grow well. Our services will refresh your outdoor space and make it look better.

Cutting Grass

Making sure your lawn looks nice is important. We offer a Grass Cutting service to keep your lawn tidy and healthy, making your outdoor area look better.

Trimming Shrubs and Plants

When bushes and plants are cut well, your yard looks nicer. Our skilled workers will trim your bushes and plants carefully to keep them in good shape, help them grow, and make everything look neat.

Getting Rid of Weeds

We can remove ugly weeds from your garden and paths. Our thorough Weeding service will make sure your yard doesn’t have unwanted plants that can stop your wanted plants from growing.

Trimming Small Trees (Under 3m)

Keeping your trees healthy and looking good matters. We have a special service to trim trees under 3 meters tall. Our tree experts will cut off branches that are dead or too big so your trees can grow well.

Watering Plants

Plants need the right amount of water to stay healthy. Our experts will water your plants properly so they grow well and your yard stays colorful.

Spraying for Bugs

To keep your plants safe from harmful bugs, we offer bug spraying. Our team will use safe and effective ways to keep bugs away from your plants. This helps your plants stay healthy.

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