Curtains and Carpets Cleaning

Hygieneman takes your home cleanliness to the next level with their carpet and curtain cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Make Your Carpets New Again: Hygieneman cleans your carpets to make them look and feel fresh.
  • Deep Cleaning and Germs: They clean deep into the carpet to remove hidden dirt and germs, making your home healthier.
  • No More Allergies: They get rid of things like dust mites and allergens that can make you sick.
  • Stain Problems Solved: If you have tough stains, they know how to clean them up.
  • Fast Drying: Your carpets will dry quickly, so you can get back to normal life.
  • No More Bad Smells: They make sure your carpets don’t smell bad anymore.

Home Carpet and Rug Cleaning Rates

Carpet SizeSteam Cleaning PriceExtraction Price
Small Carpet$50$80
Medium Carpet$75$120
Large Carpet$100$160
Extra Large Carpet$125$200
Other SizesWhatsApp us for a quote!WhatsApp us for a quote!

Please note that the minimum order value for all carpet sizes is $150.

Hygieneman Professional Curtain Cleaning

✔️ Hygieneman Professional Curtain Cleaning: Trust us for expert curtain care.

✔️ Deep Cleaning for Curtains and Roller Blinds: Our team excels in thorough cleaning, ensuring your curtains and roller blinds are spotless and refreshed.

✔️ Specialized Care for Different Fabrics: We understand that curtains come in various fabrics and textures. Our cleaning methods are tailored to suit each type, so your curtains look their best without harm.

✔️ Eliminates Dust, Allergens, and Contaminants: We go beyond surface cleaning. Our process removes hidden dust, allergens, and contaminants, giving you cleaner, healthier indoor air and reducing allergy triggers.

Curtain Cleaning Rates

Service TypeDay CurtainsNight Curtains
Steam Cleaning$30/pc*$30/pc*
Dry Cleaning$14/KG*$14/KG*

“Service fee of $25 for one-time dismantling and installation (up to 10 pieces, ceiling height up to 3m). For more than 10 pieces or ceiling height over 3m, please request a quote.”

Roller Blinds Cleaning Rates

Service TypeRoller Blinds
Steam Cleaning$30/pc*

Please note that the minimum order value for all Roller Blinds is $150.

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